Sunday, February 22, 2009

At the Day Treatment Center

When David was four, we moved him from Developmental Pathways to the Day Treatment Center. It was more expensive. It meant that we would have to take him there ourselves. It meant a far greater commitment on our part than we were required with Developmental Pathways. But Yvette and I felt that David would have more intensive and more productive intervention at the Day Treatment Center. When an opening came up we moved David in.

I took David to his first day at the center myself. I was there to introduce him to his new environment, to the other students, to the teachers. When I set David down though one of the other children walked over to David and bopped him. I was surprised at this. But David did not cry. He just acted as if nothing happened. It was an inauspicious beginning, but the rest of the day went fairly well.

I had potty trained David and the staff was delighted. David was used as the older sibling who helped show the others how it was done. Movies were taken of David being taught how to take turns, and socialize with other children. I have to say that David got a lot out of the center and that without that experience, school would have been a lot harder.

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