Saturday, August 1, 2009

What about God?

I don't count myself as a devout atheist. At the same time I don't have faith in any particular religion. It is true now and it was true then. But for a while, David saw God as the only means by which he could return to what was. For that he had me take him to a nearby church where he could learn about God and perhaps learn how he could have God give him back what he had lost.
The parishoners sequestered David with their children while they went to their individual worship. I stayed with David, sitting in the background and out of the way. David learned enough social skills that he could relate and play with the other children. In a reversal of roles, I sat by myself, not interacting with the others who were taking care of the children. I was the one who felt like I did not belong.
David had come to the church apparently so that he could get back what he had lost. Seeing that he was not getting what he was looking for, he lost interest and he stopped having me take him to the local church. As for me, I had looked to the schools, to medicine to see if I could return David's lost skills to him. I did not expect to find any solutions in church either. I was pretty depressed over it.

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