Sunday, October 11, 2009

Criticism from the right, correct and knowledgeable

Back in the Dark Ages, the earth was the center of the universe and it was heresy to say otherwise.  The mathematicians of the day managed to predict star positions using this theory with accuracy of 2%.  Using such a theory it would be possible to navigate by the stars and get from Barcelona to Rome.  If Galileo had gone to navigator and told him that his theory was all wrong but he could not tell the navigator how to get from Barcelona to Rome, the navigator's response would be for Galileo to come back when he had a better answer.  While Galileo knew that the earth was not the center of the universe, he also knew that the earth and other planets revolved around the sun.  That was something on which the world could build.  Later with Galileo's knowledge, we could navigate by the stars from Barcelona to Rome. 

I wish the medical community had that much to offer the autism community.  To date, they can only tell us that it is not vaccines, it is not metals.  When I hear ideas that a potent neurotoxin that is routinely added as a preservative to infant vaccinations might be to blame, that idea ranks as plausible though unproven.  The medical community and the "scientists" called the idea absurd from the start.  Why?  It threatened one of the pillars of the medical arts, vaccinations.  On the other hand, I have heard other ideas such as:

There is no epidemic.  It is all in the diagnostics.  Can you imagine how the medical community would react if someone were to say that there is no AIDS epidemic.  The AIDS epidemic does not threaten the vaccination program so I expect that any such statement would get a vociferous response.  

Apoptotic cell death.  Apoptotic cell death is programmed cell death.  The same doctor I heard come up with this one decried the possibility that vaccines could be related to autism as impossible.  I rank this one with spontaneous combustion.

My message to the medical community is two fold.  First while chelation, HBO, GF-CF diets may not work, the best way to sweep them out of the public's mind is to come up with something that works.  And no, your psychiatric drugs only make the autistic person more manageable.  They do not make them better.  Second, I have my own ideas about what autism is and while I acknowledge that they can be just as wrong the geocentric theory of the Dark Ages, my son had figuratively navigated from Barcelona to Rome after being stuck on a sand bar for several years.  Is there any among the scientists and medical community who would claim that he/she could have done as well?

I don't hold out much hope for the medical research community.  The work of Dr Rosemary Waring ties autism back to the trans-sulfation processes.  It is too easy to tie the trans-sulfation processes back to the mercury, the aluminum, the formaldehyde used in vaccinations.   It is a thread that I predict will not be pulled.  The medical community is unequivocal, dogmatic, and obstreperous about the lack of a link between autism and vaccinations. 

In fourth grade, David had not made any progress since he had his skill losses.  ABA and other behavioral therapies are a godsend to the autism community.  They work.  But they only work to the extent that the autistic brain is receptive to them.  Like so many other parents, I had to seek out something more than behavioral therapy.  Unlike the "scientists", I do not blame parents for going to vitamin therapy, chelation, HBO, GF-CF or other therapies even though I know that their efficacy is questionable.  I have been in these parents' shoes. 

David is still autistic.  But he is functional.  He drives.  He can socialize.  He is studying electrical engineering in college and doing well.  I do not claim that what I did with him would work for any other autistic child.  Still, there are going to be those among you who after reading this history will say that what I did with him had nothing to do with his progress.  I expect that because while in no way does it prove a link between autism and vaccines, it comes too close to that implication.  Have a ball and trash my son's history if you must.  But understand this.  In fourth grade, David was not functional.  Now he is.  Some of the transitions were miraculous.   No amount of trashing will take that away.  I accept that I may be navigating following the stars with a geocentric theory.  It does not matter.  David and I got where we needed to go.  So while I explain the history you can say what you want, secure in the knowledge that I can only be wrong.  I am secure in the knowledge that with nothing to offer you could not have done better.

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