Sunday, January 31, 2010

How a vaccine works

When a vaccine is administered to a child, a weakened or dead form of the virus is injected.  Along with the virus, adjuvants such as aluminum phosphate, aluminum hydroxide, squalene are injected.  The purpose of the adjuvants is to promote an immune reaction.  The hope is that the immune reaction will be against the injected virus.  If the immune system is stimulated, is there any reason why a reaction to other foreign substances could not be triggered?  The real question is given the 26-30 shots that are given, and the number of children of different genetic background, can vaccines be causing the asthma epidemic we have been seeing?

I don't have the answer to this, but neither does the medical community.  If such a thing is happening, the medical community does not want to know.

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  1. As I understand it, children today are overloaded with toxins, it starts already in pregnancy when the mother has heavy metal problems herself. Then the vaccines, antibiotics, food etc.

    I spoke to a german chiropractic, he told me about autism and the heavy metal/ candida link.
    Heavy metals from the amalgam fillings of the mother and vaccines in babyhood lower the immune system, resulting in infects. Antibiotics then wipe out the good bacteria in the gut, Candida thrives. Candida now lowers the immune system further by its toxins... and there you have a vicious circle.

    I think it explains why my son is a little better when he does not eat sugar and white flour products.

    Best wishes!