Sunday, November 15, 2009

Losing the ability to hold a pencil

At the end of fourth grade, David suffered another setback.  He lost the ability to hold a pencil.  Prior to this, and on his IEP, we insisted that David write in cursive script because he could.  His handwriting, while not beautiful, was legible. 

I cannot say how David felt about this since he was not verbal enough to express his dismay.  I was ready to cry.  I felt like what was David was being stripped away piece by piece by some unknown assailant.  While I held my tongue, inwardly I was seething.  I had nothing I could do about it.  There was no known cause.  I had nothing to go after.  I was ready to cry in dispair.

It is an interesting side note that David had had the Hepatitis B shot just prior to losing the ability to hold a pencil.  I did not know this until later when I examined his shot records.  I can only conclude that there is a temporal relationship between the Hep-B vaccine and David's loss of the ability to hold a pencil.  I cannot conclude that there is a causal relationship but contrary to what the medical community would have me believe, I cannot conclude that there is no relationship. 
On the one hand:
David had had shots before without any apparent side effects.
David had lost abilities before without any shots.
On the other hand:
The loss of ability to hold a pencil occurred within days of having the Hep-B shot.
The medical community has made a dog's dinner of their proof that there is no relationship between vaccines and autism by not taking any measure of the control group, i.e. the people who have never been vaccinated.

In desparation, I started giving David glutathione again.  I cannot say that the glutathione is what did it, but by the fall when David returned to fifth grade, David was able to hold a pencil again.  His ability to hold the pencil did not compare to what he was able to do before just as the return of his ability to add and subtract did not return to his previous level.  Nevertheless, I was grateful for any improvement. 

Would David have had any recovery without the glutathione?  I concede that this is possible, but I have to say that it is not likely.  Glutathione brought about another major change in David at the end of seventh grade.  The change was so profound that only a fool would ignore it.

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